Opening up to someone else helped each of us feel less alone.

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Hypomania, according to the Harvard Mental Health Letter, is usually described as a mood state or energy level that is elevated above normal, but not so extreme as to cause impairment — the most important characteristic distinguishing it from mania.

Aside from my writing, I don’t make a habit of telling people about my neurodivergence. I like familiarizing others with my personal experiences, especially when so much media gets bipolar wrong. But I also want to protect myself.

I don’t want people in my day-to-day to look at me differently if they already got in their heads that bipolar people…

Four tips to help you navigate your relationship.

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“Neurotypical” is a newer term that’s used to describe individuals of typical developmental, intellectual, and cognitive abilities. … Individuals who live with autism, are on the spectrum, or who have other developmental differences are referred to as “neurodiverse.”

Three years ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar Type 2, a mood disorder characterized by periods of depression and periods of elevated mood, called hypomania. I left my psychiatrist's office, bought pho at a local restaurant, called my partner, and cried. I told him I was relieved to finally have a name for my emotional highs and disassociative lows.

But a…

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  1. Sometimes I don’t feel anything. Sometimes I feel too much all at once. Sometimes I can’t make eye contact with other people because their emotions bleed into me and it’s way too intimate than what I want to handle. And sometimes 5 or 6 thoughts will bombard my head at once that I lag in the middle of a conversation. I have to freeze in order to slow my brain down, hone in on one idea, and go.
  2. Once in a blue moon, I’ll have so much energy that I don’t go to bed until 3 or 4 in the…

How my therapist helped me to keep going when everything feels pointless.

A redheaded female asleep in a dimly lit room.
A redheaded female asleep in a dimly lit room.
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The other day I started taking Lamotrigine and I’ve been sleeping a lot more. Between 10–11 hours to be exact. Apparently one of the side effects is drowsiness, and when I finally manage to keep from nodding off, I don’t really care to do much of anything. I have to psyche myself up to get any work done when really I just want to lay in bed and binge YouTube all day.

I think I have depression again, the thing I’m tried to medicate against. But the Lamotrigine is definitely an improvement from my previous medication. While on Aripiprazole I…

What I learned from dating someone polyamorous.

Cigarette butts, ash, and a dead moth on the dirty ground.
Cigarette butts, ash, and a dead moth on the dirty ground.
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The night I confessed my feelings to my coworker felt like a page from a movie. I stumbled over my words in a mess of emotions and alcohol. He cupped my cheek and kissed me beneath the soft rain and hazy streetlights reflected in the asphalt.

I had completely forgotten why we were outside in the first place, that I had stormed out of his apartment to clear my head. We were at a coworker party, and thanks to a rousing game of truth or dare, he admitted that another woman was the hottest in the room. I left in…

The struggle of being asexual both in and out of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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A while back, a friend asked me what I thought about being queer. And for a while, I didn’t have an answer for her. It’s cool, I guess? I didn’t really have an opinion on being ace, other than I was happy to have a word to the way I don’t react to sexual activities, feelings, or associations.

And then I came across a person’s response to a Facebook article titled, “What’s It Like to Date When You Have No Interest in Sex? 3 Women Explain.”

A little progress is still a little more than you had yesterday.

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I’ve felt emotionally dead as of late. It’s hard to get out of bed, and a lot of activities feel like too much effort.

Chances are you’ve also been feeling this way. We’ve been in a global pandemic for well over a year, with articles coming out now stating that we might not reach herd immunity. What do you do when everything feels so bleak? How do you continue to foster the will to not only live but thrive during such an unprecedented time?

There’s a quote I run into from time to time by Richard Price, who’s talking about…

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You work as a line cook for a wrap, salad, and panini station in a university food court. You take orders, make small talk, earn tips. Needless to say, you interact with a lot of people day in and day out.

It’s your job to smile.

It’s your job to be pleasant.

Being nice isn’t a problem. Your coworkers are cool, you like to cook, and take care of people. The issue comes in when people mistake your niceness for interest.

There’s a guy who started appearing at your job. Let’s call him Tom. Tom found out where you work…

5 Observations To Help You Navigate the Page

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  1. differing in mental or neurological function from what is considered typical or normal (frequently used with reference to autistic spectrum disorders); not neurotypical.

2.“there are some things that neurotypical people just know or can figure out and that neurodivergent students may need to have a model for”

Definitions from Oxford Languages

The other day my friend asked me about my creative process. And honestly? I couldn’t answer her, not in a few neat sentences anyway. As a person with Bipolar Type 2, my process changes up a lot, thanks to the chemicals in my brain. …

8 Tips for 2021 Socializing

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It’s been over a year since we’ve started quarantining, and the ways in which we socialize have changed. I only talk to my friends and family via messenger or voice chat. On the rare occasion when a loved one is in the area, we’ll shuffle with the muscle memory of wanting to hug, only to settle with a wave. And in public, I give a wide berth to anyone, mask or not.

But these are just the big changes. There are details that I’ve come to notice over the course of this year that I’d like to share with you…

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Graduated with an MFA in Writing Children and Young Adult Literature. Full-time D&D and YouTube connoisseur. I also love coffee ~

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